About us

"Vituko durys" (Vituka's doors) for you prestige.Have you ever thought that the internal doors can be one of the most prominent accent your interior?

Our company's main specialization is painted (lacquered MDF) and veneered internal doors. Every day we are looking for innovation, create new door models, carefully select materials and manufacture doors that best suit our customers' needs.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality painted and veneered internal doors which are manufactured according to the customer's individual measurements.


When the doors should be installed?

Interior doors should be installed after flooring. It is recommended to install the door after the first wall painting.

When does invisible door should be installed?

Patented invisible aluminium frames for invisible doors (door flush to the wall) should be installed before forming the walls (before plastering or plasterboard).
The door leaf for invisible frame could be veneered or painted. Or you can use wallpapers on the door leaf just to hide the door in the wall.

Do you provide any warranty for your doors?

We provide 24 months warranty for our doors.